CitySlim is a health, wellness and nutritional resource, geared for busy people who want to make positive lifestyle changes. It is curated by Dr. Tara A. Berman, an Ivy League-educated, Board-Certified Medical Doctor, who specializes in Oncology, the medical treatment of cancer patients. Dr. Berman also holds a Master of Science in Nutrition Degree from Columbia University. 

Why CitySlim?

Let's move to the first person, shall we? Hi! Welcome to CitySlim. I created this website after being inspired by my knowledgeable and courageous cancer patients, who teach me about perseverance and lifestyle modifications that enable them to live happier and healthier lives during a most trying time. When patients preferred acupuncture, for example, over the most potent narcotics, I began to delve into the world of holistic medicine and started reaping the benefits myself. Not enough emphasis is placed integrative medicine, the name for the field incorporating treatment of body, mind and spirit, as one entity. I wish I had enough time after prescribing standard of care medicines or enrolling patients on clinical trials to discuss these complementary modalities, and thus, as a solutions, CitySlim was created.

Just the Facts

How many times have you come across sensationalist headlines: Eat This, Do That!... written by self-proclaimed gurus relying on poorly supported data or motivated by driving product sales? CitySlim prides itself on being different from other lifestyle blogs, as it is fact- and research-based. 

Here, I investigate the benefits and potential dangers of alternative treatments and supplements, applying my medical and scientific background to tease out reliable data from a web of distorted information and falsehoods. Too many self-proclaimed gurus promote tag-lines with poorly supported data, such as "Use this to cure that." Using a critical eye, CitySlim will present you with all the available information to make informed decisions for yourself and your families.  

Wait, there's more...

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